...time for social and ecological transformation...

Earth Decade One

Begining in , Earth Decade One is the first in a series of decades dedicated to radical social and ecological transformation, a long-term bottom-up effort to bring sanity and rationality to the heart of human development, and an empowering reminder that we participate in the same revolution.

Framed by scientific knowledge, that is, respecting planetary boundaries, Earth Decade One is a revolutionary effort to avoid the tipping points of the Earth system, to avoid – among other things – climate catastrophe and human extinction. It rests on the assumption that conscious human beings, individually and collectively, are capable of transforming society in a sustainable direction.

Viewed as an ongoing critical reflection, Earth Decade One aims to facilitate both the emergence of socially and ecologiclly beneficial practices, and, from a slightly different perspective, the creation of social systems built on radical creativity and radical democracy. As a first step towards planetary sustainability, it is an open invitation to create new bonds of planetary solidarity.