Poems from 2021


Towards a state of planetary emergency: this is an emergency call; this is a call for planetary revolution.


When the forests are burning, the glaciers are melting, and the global “leadership” is abdicating, it is time to reclaim power, time to stop the arsonists, and time to make sustainability a reality.


Soil contamination and soil sealing, your daily experiences; past and present mistreatment, your future in the making; forgotten, raped, tortured, treated like waste; only a soil revolution worth its name to join.


Water in motion; rising, falling, flowing, circulating, changing form; giving hope.


Means of production; means of consumption; means of computation. Who controls the means?


End the doublespeak, end the irrationality, liberate the truth; crush the shell.


If fascism starts with trimmed lawns and repeated lies, anti-fascism must be about spreading seeds of wildflowers and about telling the truth.


We meet them almost everywhere: products that distract; products that disrupt; products that destroy; made in a capitalist society.


We are strangers in a strange place: zeros and ones that distract us, keep us all awake; trackers that follow our movements wherever we go; digital assets of private companies; advertising that reveals what we are.


If men's violence is a means of organizing society, reproducing structural inequality, anti-violence must be about blocking every attempt to silence, every attempt to normalize.


Lying, hiding, deceiving, harassing, mismanaging, openly supporting white supremacy; representative plutocracy.


Indeed, they are very rich men and do what they please; yesterday, they left the planet.